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Unexpected T/S Parameters-Vintage Oxford 15" Drivers - diyAudio
Last edited by Flaesh; 13th November 2010 at 12:47 AM. ... have a Qms of 22! Can that be right? And 39g Mms? That's a light cone for a 15".

The Class - H Amplifier - diyAudio
Hi everyone, Apart from class-D , the efficiency in Linear amplifiers could be obtained by converting a Class-AB amp into Class-H amp... I mean ...

multiple ports all tuned to different Hz - diyAudio
I've been into car audio for around 15 years. I have a fairly good understanding of how things operate concerning car audio. I've been wondering what would a subwoofer eclosure built with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or even 8 or more ports, all tuned to different Hz e.g. (1stp-25Hz, 2ndp-30Hz, 3rdp-35Hz, 4thp-40Hz, ...

Fabric Dome Tweeter 96db - altern. to Glockenklang phenol 99db ...
If there are a appropriate successor for the RCF TW-116 magnet, I can order this and the TW-116 recone kit for clone the Glockenklang tweeter, ...

Experiences with TAD EL34? - diyAudio
Hi there, I found those EL34 tubes via a german supplier: TAD EL34B-STR PREMIUM Röhre, gematchtes Paar TAD TubeAmpDoctor Source: ...

Tuba HT - diyAudio
myn's Tuba HT Review (LLT vs THT) - Page 2 - AVS Forum Basically, guy replaced a 18" in a 14 cf box with the Tuba HT. His reaction is summed up in the link above: "The facts are my 14 cu foot LLT with a high performance 18" and 1000 watts can't do what my THT can do with a $150 15" Dayton DVC and ...

Parts Express - UK Equivalent? - diyAudio
Hello, I have been searching the forum for a while but still cannot find a good answer to my question. I found a few sites but they were all out of ...

Swap Meet - diyAudio
Swap Meet - Sell your stuff here, who knows, some other fanatic might be interested!

Solstice MLTL from Parts Express - diyAudio
Hi, has anyone built or auditioned the Solstice MLTL kit from Parts Express? I'm really interested in purchasing these as my first DIY speaker ...

F5 Turbo Builders Thread - diyAudio
ungie Canada. diyAudio Member. Join Date: Dec 2002. Location: Ontario, Canada. To start it all off, I'll outline my plan: I have some nice, single ...

Chip Amp Photo Gallery - Page 146 - diyAudio
koogar's Avatar. Join Date: Mar 2010. Location: West Yorkshire. Hey guys. Heres my 90% finished my Gainclone its Based on the Audiosector ...

diyAudio - View Profile: Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman is a diyAudio Member in the diyAudio. View Patrick Bateman's profile.

Amplifier PSU Calculator - diyAudio
Can you please direct me to your favorite links to an online PSU Calculator specifically designed for amplifiers? Thanks in advance. Hong.

Installing and using LTspice. From beginner to advanced. - diyAudio
The purpose of this thread is to show how to both install and to use LTspice, hereafter just referred to as LT, the free circuit simulation program ...

Amplifier PSU Calculator - diyAudio
Can you please direct me to your favorite links to an online PSU Calculator specifically designed for amplifiers? Thanks in advance. Hong.

To make, or buy RCA line cables... - diyAudio
First off i'd like to say that i don't want to bring the great cable debate to this haven of sensibility I'm looking to connect my Aune X1S DAC's line.

Bluetooth Headphones - Bluedio's "R+" - diyAudio
This pair is a "Bluedio R+" that I bought off of Amazon. disclaimer - I'm not affiliated with that company in any way, or Amazon for that matter, I'm ...

Sundown Audio vs DC audio subs - diyAudio
DC LVL 3 Specs Posted here: DC Audio - Woofers SA-12 D4 - Sundown Audio * RE: 4.33 Ohms * Fs: 30.3 Hz * Qes: 0.519 * Qms: 7.25 * Qts: ...

Amplifier PSU Calculator - diyAudio
Can you please direct me to your favorite links to an online PSU Calculator specifically designed for amplifiers? Thanks in advance. Hong.

2.1 Speaker Build - diyAudio
I'm looking at building a 2.1 speaker. My question is, apart from using a 2.1 amplifier. How would you wire these 3 speakers to a 2 channel amp ...

Mini review: Class-D Designs NX200 vs Hypex - diyAudio
In the discussions It was mentioned that the Class-D Designs NX200 amplifier was a match for the Hypex and in fact perhaps even better.

Coaxial - diyAudio
I just listened to some KEF LS-50 for the second time. These are just plain awful. Female vocals in particular sound like the singer is in a box or ...

Joints for enclosures - diyAudio
I have access to the facilities to make dovetail joints, biscuit joints, standard glue/nail joints, dados, etc at my dad's woodworking shop. Also ...

Mass loaded vinyl for dampening material? - diyAudio
Has anyone used mass loaded vinyl for cabinet dampening material? Seems that is is used in place of lead in come applications and could be ...

Upgrade Pro-Ject Head Box II headphone amp - diyAudio
The Head-Box II is reputed to be on the higher side in terms of output ... The board of my Pro-Ject Head Box MKII has little 2 differences :

Banned from SteveHoffman forums - diyAudio
I am electronics engineer, specialized in solid state audio amplifiers, and by this cause I obtained of status of banned in SteveHoffman forums.

Bridge rectifier vs Full wave rectifier - diyAudio
Hi There, After seeing a lot of different schematics I've noticed that a lot of schematics still use a full-wave ( two diodes ) rectifier and others a.

Solid State - diyAudio
Solid State - Talk all about solid state amplification.

Hacking the Logitech Z5500 - diyAudio
Like others on the net, I had something wrong with my Z5500 so they ... I have to admit that there's a good reason Logitech asks for only the ...

TL431: Can it regulate 300V DC? - diyAudio
How much voltage can I regulate with TL431? Can I make 300V (or even higher!) with this IC? You know, the TL431+optocoupler style feedback.

Headphone Sensitivity: AKG K702 vs. Sennheiser HD 600 - diyAudio
I recently obtained a pair of AKG K702 headphones to complement my long-standing reference Sennheiser HD 600s . I figured since I'm ...

Hacking the Logitech Z5500 - diyAudio
Like others on the net, I had something wrong with my Z5500 so they asked me to send back the controller and I ended up with an operational ...

EQ tools for Windows - diyAudio
EqualizerAPO, a system-wide parametric equalizer for Windows Vista/7/8/- Equalizer APO | Free software downloads at

Ahuja Amplifier - diyAudio
It has the same Circuitry as in Ahuja model 760. ... was the last page of the manual given with the amplifier at the time of purchasing (in the year ...

How to connect ground plane to via using Eagle? - diyAudio
Hi, Can anyone show me how to automatically connect a via to a ground plane show in this picture? FYI, I'm planning to make a two layer PCM1798 DAC bo.

Noob Question - Onkyo A-9010 - what kind of topology? - diyAudio
Klangwelt is offline Klangwelt United States. diyAudio Member. Join Date: Jul 2016. Default Noob Question - Onkyo A-9010 - what kind of ...

Symbol for tube diode in LTspice - diyAudio
When trying to simulate a simple rectifier using the tube 5y3gt, I stumbled across the problem that in LTspice there is no symbol available for the ...

is LM1875 replacement for TDA2030(A) - diyAudio
first, i want to excuse for my english, 'cause i don't use it very much i have amplifier circuit schematic which uses TDA2030 as a driver stage for ...

Questions about MosFET's IRF3205 and IRFZ44N swapping - diyAudio
I have read I can replace with IRF3205 in high current demand situations. I have an old MTX thunder 280 that kept blowing the power supply ...

Subwoofer auto power on - diyAudio
Hail to everyone I'm in a middle of a subwoofer project. My box i ready, the amp is ready (Holton's symmetrical 400w mos amp) and i have the ...

Martin Logan Ascent i panel not working - diyAudio
Problem Solved, See End of Thread**** I need a little help troubleshooting. I bought this pair, knowing one panel was not working. I opened the ...

New AKG K701 - new or fake ? - diyAudio
Hi all anyone see new K701 ? I bought one to Thomann and must send back. Cushions in to headband is smaller and harder to old 701.

Does anyone use Elektro - diyAudio
I have been trying to get into that forum. I sent them a email to get a membership and they said I could take a dont exist at the ...

Simple, no-math transformer snubber using Quasimodo test-jig ...
A power transformer snubber is a wonderful thing for reducing or eliminating RFI from rectifier-induced LCR ringing. Unfortunately it's a huge ...

Russian 6P14P tubes - diyAudio
Does anyone know all the different variations of the Russian 6P14P tubes? So far, I've seen suffixes of -K, -ER, -EV, and -EB. From what I've ...

My Experience with HD600 vs AKG K701 vs Denon AH-D5000 - diyAudio
I plugged in the AKG K701 headphones, and really enjoyed what I heard. The amount of detail was excellent. These headphones really ...

Soft start & Dead time for TL494 - diyAudio
How do you add soft start to a TL494? I hasve seen applications that have it but how do they do it? Also how do you figure out the required ...

Is Rotozip a good tool for cutting holes? - diyAudio
I had to go and try it out and to my tastes the Rotozip did an average job when compared to my plunge router. It did cut a "quite good" circular hole in MDF but the bit went crooked so the hole is not as perpendicular to the surface as compared to the hole done with a 1/8" straight bit on the router. I might be a ...

soldering iron temp and solder wire melting point. - diyAudio
I found this on the kester datasheet: ============ Solder iron tip ... does that mean the melting point is between 315 to 370degrees celcius?

How do I measure the Qtc and Fsc of an existing subwoofer? - diyAudio
I can calculate it, but I imagine it may be quite different in reality. ... For calculating Qt-box ant Fs-box you need to measure the impedance curve ...

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