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PressTV-Saudi diplomat booked for gang rape
Sep 9, 2015 - A Saudi Arabian diplomat has been booked for gang rape and wrongful confinement of two Nepali women who had worked in his residence in ...

PressTV-La Liga: Real Madrid 3-0 Villarreal
1 day ago - Real Madrid players celebrate a goal during the Spanish league football match between Real Madrid and Villarreal at the Santiago Bernabeu ...

PressTV-The Sun, the Sea and the Sand
Jul 17, 2017 - When was the last time you just sat there, on the beach, in front of the sea, looking at the waves, taking in the fresh salty air?

PressTV-Trump's turnaround - real, or optics?
Apr 15, 2017 - It is not clear whether US President Donald Trump's turnaround on foreign policy, policy towards Russia, policy in Syria is real, or optics, ...

PressTV-Google to launch new Home smart speaker
Mar 30, 2017 - The technology giant, Google, is about to launch its home smart speaker in the UK.

PressTV-Asghar Farhadi wins another Oscar for Iran
Feb 26, 2017 - Farhadi's Salesman wins Oscar for best foreign-language film ... of London Mayor Sadiq Khan who referred to the ban as "cruel" and "shameful.

PressTV-US sanctions Kim Jong-un
Jul 6, 2016 - The United States has sanctioned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for the first time over claims that he resorts to "notorious abuses of human ...

PressTV-China: War over N Korea can erupt any moment
Apr 14, 2017 - ... to the Korean Peninsula, and North Korea has said it is ready for war. ... Speaking on Friday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said ...

PressTV-South Korea invites North to 2018 Winter Olympics
Jun 24, 2017 - The South Korean president has invited North Korean athletes to take part in the South's 2018 Winter Olympics to boost peace.

PressTV-Putin, Assad congratulate Rouhani on reelection
May 20, 2017 - The Syrian and Russian leaders offer their congratulations to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on his landslide reelection.

PressTV-Last goodbye for Palestinian family: Pics
20 hours ago - A Palestinian family says their last goodbyes to their 12-year-old son who was shot and killed by Israel troops in the occupied West Bank.

PressTV-Barca in Copa Del Rey final after 8-1 win over ...
Feb 11, 2016 - Defending champion Barcelona have cruised into the final stage of Spain's Copa Del Rey with a comprehensive 8-1 aggregate victory after ...

PressTV-India nabs ex-army officer for spy links
Dec 29, 2015 - India detains ex-army officer for passing secrets to Pakistan ... Indian police have detained a former Indian Air Force officer on charges of ...

PressTV-'Trump cannot go to war with North Korea'
May 14, 2017 - The recent developments in the United States and on the Korean Peninsula have left no other option for President Donald Trump than to make ...

PressTV-Team Melli secures spot in 2018 World Cup
Jun 12, 2017 - Iran's national football team beats Uzbekistan 2-0 to secure a spot in the World Cup 2018.

PressTV-Russia warns US over North Korea
Apr 17, 2017 - Russia warns the US of any unilateral action against North Korea, saying any ... Lavrov made the remarks at a news conference in Moscow on Monday, ... The top Russian diplomat was referring to the recent US attack on ...

PressTV-Man United, Man City's pre-season friendly canceled
Jul 25, 2016 - Manchester United and Manchester City's much-anticipated friendly in China has been cancelled due to an unplayable and unsafe pitch ...

PressTV-Studies: Christmas trees could threaten human ...
Dec 15, 2015 - New studies indicate that Christmas trees could pose a threat to human health. The discovery of a new species of plant-eating dinosaurs ...

PressTV-Cancerous cells turned back to healthy
Aug 26, 2015 - Scientists turn cancerous cells back into normal cells ... “reprogram” the out-of-control growth of the cells which would become cancerous.

PressTV-British bishop escapes justice
Oct 7, 2015 - A new report says, a British bishop escaped abuse charges 22 years ago after intervention by politicians and royal family. The Central Criminal ...

PressTV-'Trump cannot go to war with North Korea'
May 14, 2017 - The recent developments in the United States and on the Korean Peninsula have left no other option for President Donald Trump than to make ...

PressTV-War between North Korea, US 'devastating'
1 day ago - Despite Trump's threats, a war between North Korea and the US is unlikely because American military commanders know how “devastating” it ... US-N Korea war 'devastating,' not likely to happen: Analyst ... Latest News.

PressTV-Deadly floods wreak havoc in Pakistan's Karachi
2 days ago - Deadly floods wreak havoc in Pakistan's Karachi ... At least 13 people have been killed by flooding in Pakistan's largest city, ... Latest News.

PressTV-'Sick Brit kids used as NHS guinea pigs'
Aug 23, 2015 - A new report in the UK points to the practice of using sick children as guinea pigs in NHS experiments with tainted blood. According to the ...

Palestine - PressTV
The non-Aligned Movement voices support for a Palestinian campaign for a full membership of the United ... Israel demolishes Palestine village for 119th time.

PressTV-Russia to hit US-backed SDF if Syrian troops targeted
22 hours ago - Russia says Syrian troops in the Dayr al-Zawr province have been twice targeted with mortar and ... A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) walks on the roof of a building in Raqqah's al-Daraiya ... Latest News.

PressTV-Iran grabs 2 Muay Thai silvers in World Games
Jul 31, 2017 - Iranian Muay Thai boxers have collected two silver medals at the 2017 World Games in Poland.

PressTV-Islam: The Essentials (Part IV)
Jul 27, 2017 - In this edition of Food for Thought, Professor Tariq Ramadan explains more about his book "Islam: The Essentials."

PressTV-Erdogan: We don't need EU membership anymore
2 days ago - "We will not be the side which gives up. To tell the truth, we don't need EU membership anymore,” President Erdogan said.

PressTV-Saudi, UAE block Al-Jazeera, Qatar dailies websites
May 24, 2017 - The Al-Jazeera Arabic website is inaccessible in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

PressTV-Lebanon army tightens grip on Daesh near Syria
1 day ago - Lebanon army tightens grip on Daesh near Syria ... from the Daesh Takfiri terror group in a northwestern area bordering Syria. ... Latest News.

PressTV-US airlifts Daesh members in east Syria: Monitor
2 hours ago - US helicopters transfer Daesh members from eastern Syria: Observatory ... of Dayr al-Zawr, where Syrian troops are closing in on the Takfiri terrorists, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. ... Latest News.

PressTV-Iran's election oversight committee elaborates on results
May 23, 2017 - Iran's 12th presidential election and the 5th city and village council elections were held concurrently on May 19th.

PressTV-Trump's approval rating hits new low: Poll
Mar 19, 2017 - According to a Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, the Republican president enjoys a 43.7 percent approval rating and is disapproved ...

PressTV-Floods kill 14 Indians in Mumbai
1 day ago - Heavy monsoon rains have caused floods in Mumbai city on India's west coast, leaving 14 people dead.

PressTV-N Korea threatens UK, Australia with 'miserable end'
7 hours ago - North Korea threatens the UK and Australia with "a miserable end" if the join ... amid tensions over Pyongyang's latest testing of ballistic missiles. ... North Korea's official KCNA news agency warned the United States and its ...

PressTV-Assad: Terrorists' plot in Syria has failed
The Syrian president says the terrorists' plot has failed, vowing resistance until final victory. ... Syria's Assad says terrorists' plot has failed, vows resistance until final victory. Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:25PM. Home · Iran · Politics ... Latest News.

PressTV-UNESCO urges Israel to 'respect' Aqsa
1 day ago - UNESCO urges Israel to adopt respect and dialogue in regards to the al-Aqsa Mosque Compound.

PressTV-Daesh 'has sleeper cells all over Indonesia'
Jun 13, 2017 - The military chief in Jakarta says Daesh is present in almost all the Indonesian provinces as the Middle East-based Takfiri terror group is ...

PressTV-Iran beach v-ballers finish 4th in Asian U21 games
Mar 4, 2017 - Iran's national B under-21 beach volleyball team lands in the 4th spot at the end of the second edition of Asian U21 Beach Volleyball ...

PressTV-Israel violating Lebanon's sovereignty: Aoun
11 hours ago - Addressing the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, Aoun said Thursday that Israel has never respected Lebanon ...

PressTV-Serbians hold protest against new president
Apr 8, 2017 - Over 10000 Serbian protesters rally in the capital city against the election of Serbia's premier as president.

PressTV-After Trump rhetoric, Russia says to 'defend' Iran deal
1 day ago - The Russian foreign minister says despite “worrying” Trump's stance on the Iran nuclear deal, Russia would "defend" the agreement.

PressTV-'There's no spirit, there's deal, and Iran is compliant'
1 day ago - A former senior aide to ex-US President Barack Obama has rejected the narrative by current American administration officials that Iran is ...

PressTV-Lebanon's Hariri rejects Israeli claims about Iran
4 hours ago - Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri has rejected Israel's claims that Iran is building missile factories in Lebanese territory, accusing the Israeli regime of “deception.” ... Latest News. Lebanon's Hariri rejects Israeli claims ...

PressTV-Iran striker to remain at Persepolis football club
Jul 11, 2017 - Iranian footballer Mehdi Taremi has decided to stay at his Tehran-based professional football club Persepolis.

PressTV-Melania defends Trump after affair report
Nov 5, 2016 - The Enquirer, which has endorsed Trump for president, allegedly paid model Karen McDougal $150,000 for her story about the affair. During a ...

PressTV-'Iran will never allow inspection of military sites'
2 days ago - Haley also accused Iran of previous covert nuclear work. ... US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley speaks at the UN Headquarters in New York ...

PressTV-'Saudi war on Yemen absolute policy failure'
1 day ago - Saudi Arabia has not achieved its main objectives in Yemen after more than two years of nonstop airstrikes, a political analyst says.

PressTV-Yemeni missile hits air base in Riyadh: Report
Mar 19, 2017 - Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah fighters and their allies in the army have fired a long- range ballistic missile at an airbase in the Saudi capital Riyadh ...

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